How Does God Talk?

 I hear voices. You hear voices, too. Most of the time these voices are echoes of the past. Something my mother told me. Something my father once said. Then there’s that tiny voice inside my head that wants to speak for me. It tries to keep me bottled up in shame. “Remember when you ______________” … More How Does God Talk?

Thirsty for Meaning

By: Scott Reall One day, as Jesus was walking through Samaria on a hot day, he came upon a well in the middle of the desert. Nobody was there except this Samaritan woman. Jesus and the woman got into a discussion about her life—as Christ often does; pulling us out of deep isolation and exposing … More Thirsty for Meaning

A Motive to Love.

You cannot give away what you do not have. The majority of my life what I thought was love was actually dependency, needing a person to give me what I thought I needed, instead of getting it from God. I was not loving others, but needing them. When God is the central source of my … More A Motive to Love.