How Does God Talk?

 I hear voices. You hear voices, too. Most of the time these voices are echoes of the past. Something my mother told me. Something my father once said. Then there’s that tiny voice inside my head that wants to speak for me. It tries to keep me bottled up in shame. “Remember when you ______________” … More How Does God Talk?

God Gives Himself

Joseph’s head rests on his pillow. White light sparking in it. In his dream, sparrows fold the Milky Way into a darkness that lowers the sun. And out of its position and low to the ground, the sun is joined by the crescent moon sprinkled with eleven stars. And standing at the center of the … More God Gives Himself

My Scrape with Death

We landed in a field outside the car. It happened so fast. Everything spinning. Then the grinding noise became a thud. Smoke rising in the distance. And I remember feeling grief—strangely enough. I knew my parents would be devastated if I died. I couldn’t die, but I feared I would. Soon the grief turned to … More My Scrape with Death