Where is our Trust?

As we face this time in our history, in the middle of a pandemic, it seems that it has created in almost everyone an uncertainty of life. Things that we have in our entire lifetime taken for granted all of a sudden have become insecure. Things as big as basketball with March Madness, golf and The Master’s, and going to eat at restaurants, so much about our daily life has changed. It is easy to see how and why it would trigger massive insecurity and anxiety.

I, too, have been struggling with some anxiety around all of this. I love to be in control and I don’t think I’m alone in that. It’s an addiction of sorts. Now, we feel we are losing control which creates a deep sense of insecurity, which creates anxiety and at the root of that is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear is something we try to control and manage. It exposes what we put our trust and security in. For those of us who are believers this is a great opportunity to do the inner examination of what’s causing the anxiety. What’s causing the deep sense of insecurity.

Where is our trust?

If we’re honest, most of us are scared. About our finances, our health, our loved ones, the normalcy of our lives, what once was now taken away. We’re feeling fear. I look at my relationship with God and where I really put my trust and how I manage and control my own life and this has exposed it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer talks about the difference between security and peace. How they are two totally different things. Completely different mindsets. We can have peace even though things are very insecure and we can be in a place where we feel secure but lack inner peace. What God longs for us to live in is peace. As I read this book about a man who was a Christian pastor in Nazi Germany and dealt with all of that horrible, nightmarish stuff, when their normal lives were completely uprooted by this evil regime, I was inspired by his ability to remain a man of peace because he totally had faith and trust in his God. And that was the center of his life. Thus, when all around him were living in fear, this man was able to move through it and be an incredible light of hope for all people in this horrible time. As we settle in for what could be a long haul with the potential of never going back to what we once had, it is a good inner journey to become aware of where we are really putting our trust. If I’m lacking peace, why? What is at the heart of that.

I’ve heard it said, “If you really, really trust in God, you won’t have a care in the world.”

This is an opportunity for us to do some inner work.

To look into our relationship with God.

To discover and be honest about what our foundation is built on.

To ask ourselves what we are putting our treasure in.

Hold on to the belief that God is at work in the midst of this stressful time and that even in the midst of it all there can be a peace that surpasses all understanding. Guard your minds and hearts in Christ and trust Him more.

In the midst of these uncertain times we invite you to join us for virtual small groups as a we process our feelings together. To learn more click here!

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